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Supporting Local Community Groups

Your business skills could prove useful to one or more not-for-profit organisations in your local community, whether it’s the school PTA, the Scouts, the carnival committee or the cat sanctuary.

There is no typical description of the make-up of these committees – some are stuffed with enthusiasts while others are there because they didn’t step backwards quickly enough when the call to volunteer was made. The best way is to just make yourself available for a specific, short-term task of your choosing and see if the relationship works.

For example, an accountant can offer to look over the paperwork prior to audit, a web designer can set up or review a web site, an entrepreneur can offer to attend a couple of meetings and advise regarding fundraising. The primary objective must be to help the community and NOT to promote your own business.

The BPc maintains an Internet presence for The Welwyn Festival Group, managing their web site and updating the WelFest blog for a few weeks each spring-summer, entirely free of charge. The WFG is a not-for-profit organisation that runs a week of activities including a village fete, donating up to two or three thousand pounds to local charities and good causes.

A major deterrent to volunteering is the fear of commitment for an unending term so make it clear, when you offer your services, exactly what you are prepared to do and for how long (a milestone or a time limit) but – DO volunteer and get to know your community.

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